95 Express Lanes slated to open on time

Traffic on southbound I-395 is bumper to bumper in Alexandria headed out of Washington. (AP)
Listen: New Express Lanes 70 percent finished

wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 3:05 am

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WASHINGTON — Some good news for commuters — especially those of you who have been suffering through all those construction-related delays and closures on Interstate 95 and 395.

The 95 Express Lanes are still slated to open on time.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe gave a status report on the 95 Express Lanes which are now 70 percent completed. The 29-mile stretch, once finished, will run from I- 395 by Edsall Road, to I-95 by Garrisonville Road (also known as Route 610) in Stafford.

The lanes are on schedule to be finished by the end of this year and open by early 2015.

As expected, the Express Lanes will always cost you money 24/7, unless you have three or more people in the car.

But if you don’t have three or more people in your vehicle, then you will need an E- ZPass to be able to pay for using those Express Lanes once they’re open.

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