Washington has second-highest starting salaries

Washington, D.C., ranks No. 2 for both starting salaries and job opportunities, according to rankings from consumer finance site NerdWallet.

It ranked among the best overall cities for job seekers based on more than a dozen criteria, including number of job openings, employment growth, industry variety, healthcare coverage, cost of living, taxes and starting salaries.

Fort Worth, Texas, ranks No. 1 for job seekers, followed by Washington, Tampa, Fla., Arlington, Texas, and Dallas.

NerdWallet says the median starting salary in Washington, D.C., is $52,344, ahead of San Francisco, New York and Seattle, and topped only by San Jose, Calif., at $57,108.

Washington also ranks No. 3 for most industry variety.

You can see NerdWallet’s full rankings here.

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