Police keep close eye on Montgomery College campuses

Montgomery College increased security after recent threats. (WTOP/Nick Iannelli)

ROCKVILLE, Md. – Local police departments and college security officials have increased their presence at all three Montgomery College campuses after recent threats that mention school shootings.

“It’s important for us to take any threat seriously,” says college spokeswoman Elizabeth Homan.

“We ask all students and employees, as soon as they see anything that causes concern, to contact our security office immediately.”

In late February, a graffiti threat on a stairwell wall was discovered at the Rockville campus. It read “school shooting 3/5/14.”

A month before, a message reading “Big school shooting” was found scrawled on a bathroom wall at the college’s location in Germantown, Md.

On Wednesday, March 5, the date mentioned in the latest message, students were told their professors would be accommodating of those who felt uncomfortable going to classes.

“Some students are understandably apprehensive. We have told our faculty members to be understanding, Homan says.

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