College student builds job applications out of Legos (Video)

Omama Altaleb, special to

WASHINGTON — A college student’s job application went viral after she channeled her inner childhood passion — building Legos.

Leah Bowman, a 20-year-old communications and marketing major at Northwestern University, spent her spring break making a Lego version of herself to impress potential employers.

After Bowman sent the Lego figure and her resume into one company, she decided to keep making more for other companies.

Although Bowman has yet to hear back from the agencies she applied to, she received encouraging advice from users of the social networking service website, Reddit.

Despite the support for her Lego project, Bowman tells ABC News, “It’d be silly if I expected to be offered jobs based solely on a Lego set. I have a full resume with my education and experience that is always included, and I have the confidence and experience to shine in interviews which is where you really win any job.”

Watch the video below courtesy CNN:

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