Alexandria Waterfront standoff nearing its end

The fate of the Old Dominion Boat Club parking lot will be up to a vote. (WTOP/Hank Silverberg)
Boat Club parking lot must go

Max Smith | November 15, 2014 1:44 am

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WASHINGTON — A key part of Alexandria’s long-simmering waterfront debate appears to be closer to a resolution.

The city says its negotiators have agreed on two possible options for the Old Dominion Boat Club, in exchange for taking over the parking lot near the base of King Street that the city wants to turn into a public park.

The boat club will vote later in March on the two options, which the city describes as either allowing the clubhouse to stay in place, or having the entire club move to the old “Beachcombers” location at the foot of Prince Street.

The first option would give the boat club parking spots in a city-owned garage along with an equal number of boat slips to what the club has now. The city would also pay the club $2.5 million.

The second option would allow the club to build a new clubhouse at the foot of Prince Street along with 45 more parking spaces. The club would be allowed to build a new boat ramp, piers and slips and would get $5 million from the city.

The City Council has already authorized the city manager to take the parking lot through eminent domain if a deal is not reached.

The negotiations and debate over the particular half-acre lot and the entire waterfront plan have been going on for more than a decade.

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