11-year-old found unharmed in South Carolina

Father didn't take Virts' twin sister due to her medical condition

wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 1:28 am

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WASHINGTON –Timothy Howard Virts and Caitlyn Marie Virts have been located in a motel in Florence, South Carolina, according to Baltimore County Police.

Virts, who is facing charges for the murder of Caitlyn’s mother, 36-year-old Bobbi Jo Cotez, is in police custody and Caitlyn appears to be unharmed.

Investigators said Friday night that they believe that two were located as a direct result of the expanded Amber Alert.

The return of Timothy Virts is pending an extradition process. Caitlyn Virts will be returned home as soon as possible, police said. Baltimore County Department of Social Services has already been in contact with social services in South Carolina.

Detectives will be traveling to South Carolina to carry on the investigation.

Cortez’s body was found at her home in Dundalk, Md. on Thursday morning. Her daughter had been missing, along with her father since then.

Cortez had multiple cuts to her upper body, police said.

Jessica Anderson, a reporter for The Baltimore Sun, tweeted Friday and later told WTOP that she had spoken to the motel owner in South Carolina. An employee there had called police after seeing the Amber Alert, according to the owner, who also said the two had stayed at the motel on Thursday night as well.

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