Would you get the flu for $3K?

Getting the flu for cash

Dick Uliano | November 15, 2014 12:19 am

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WASHINGTON — Some people get flu shots to avoid the flu, but some people are getting paid to catch the flu.

NIH is recruiting healthy people who scientists can infect with mild cases of flu. Participants are being paid $3,000 for their trouble.

Boston Globe health blogger Deborah Kotz reports that two dozen or more people have already taken part and at least 75 more are being asked to join the study.

It’s not exactly easy money. Besides being given a headache, sore throat, a cough and other ailments you must stay in quarantine at NIH’s Bethesda hospital for at least 9 days.

Scientists hope to learn more about how the flu virus infects the body and the ultimate goal is to improve vaccines.

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