Investigators seek information about crimes related to Welch in other states

WASHINGTON – Montgomery County police released this list of locations and dates where Lloyd Lee Welch Jr. has been known to reside since the early 1970s.

Police and the FBI ask anyone who may have come into contact with Welch to contact investigators, who believe he may have committed other crimes that could link him to the 1975 disappearance of the Lyon sisters.

“It’s important that we try to determine if he was involved in criminal activity in any of those locations during that time,” says Tom Manger, Montgomery County police chief.

No detail is insignificant, officials say.

“We know we’re asking for people to remember things they may not want to think about. It’s not an easy thing to come forward if you’ve been assaulted or if you know someone who has,” says Steve Vogt, special agent in charge of the FBI field office in Baltimore. “But the information you provide could help lead us to information about what happened to Sheila and Katherine. They deserve justice and the family deserves closure, just as you do.”

The list of locations is below:

Documented locations of Lloyd Welch

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