Condo building would verge on ‘Exorcist Steps’ site

One of the most famous staircases in the region, the so-called "Exorcist Steps," might get some new neighbors.

WASHINGTON — One of the most famous staircases in the D.C. region, the so- called “Exorcist Steps,” might get some new neighbors. A developer wants to put up a condo building next to the Georgetown staircase featured in the horror film “The Exorcist.”

The infamous site is located at M Street and the Whitehurst Freeway, where an Exxon gas station sits now. A similar plan proposed in 2011 didn’t go anywhere, but the Georgetown Dish reports developer EastBanc is back with a new scaled down design.

The five-story building would contain 26 to 28 condo units and have underground parking.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Bill Starrels says concerns are being raised about the view of the condo building from across the river.

“Somebody driving into, or looking into, Georgetown from the Potomac side looks into this area, and there is major concern that this would be one of the major things people would be staring at as the gateway to Georgetown,” Starrels says.

Starrels adds that even though the plan has been modified, existing residents are worried about its impact.

“Compromise is always welcome, but it’s still a very large building,” he says.

The project is expected to be presented at a Georgetown ANC meeting March 3.

It’s also set to be considered at a meeting of the Old Georgetown Board March 6.

The Old Georgetown Board is an advisory committee of the Commission of Fine Arts, which reviews the design of structures proposed within Georgetown’s borders.

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