An ancient approach to weight loss

The Malory Band tied around the waist to track weight loss. (Courtesy of

WASHINGTON — While people start to lose motivation for going to the gym, they may focus their attention on alternative ways to lose weight.

Try to wrap your head around this, or should I say waist, a polyester-made cord — tied around your waist — is meant to encourage weight management by reminding you when you eat too much.

“The band will not make you slim,” the British company Malory Band warns. Rather, the company claims it aids in the psychological dimension of weight loss.

The concept of a weight-loss band isn’t new. According to the Daily Mail, the ancient Egyptians, Americans and Indians used a similar band after childbirth to get back in shape or slim the waistline.

The band is supposed to tighten when you eat too much, and loosen when you are eating “healthily.”

If you want to track your progress, Malory Band offers a clip-on bead, not included with the original band, which attaches to the band and expands with weight loss.

“The band may ride up, which is perfectly normal. It will find its natural position in time,” the product’s site assures.

It is recommended users wear it all day, every day, even in the shower for best results. But if washing it in the shower isn’t enough, it can be thrown into the washing machine or hand washed.

Among the company’s 10 things to note, “If the band feels uncomfortably tight (e.g. when on a long haul flight, when you are pre- menstrual or bloated) loosen it or take it off.”

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