The most beautiful sound on the planet: Contest collects pleasing sounds (Audio)

WASHINGTON – Try to think of the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard.

We’re not talking about a song, or the sound of popping open a can of beer on a Friday night.

We’re talking about sounds that stir your senses and move your soul.

Beautiful Now, a website that encourages people to discover, create, share and discuss beautiful things, hosted a competition to try to find the most beautiful sound on Earth.

Among the 12 finalists picked from hundreds of entries is the relaxing sound of a burbling river in Arizona, the adorable cooing of a mom playing with her baby, and surprisingly, the sound of traffic crossing a bridge in British Columbia.

The winning entry is a recording made at a frog pond in a rain forest on the island of Borneo.

Listening is like taking a mental trip to a faraway “happy place.”

You can listen to the sounds of the winner and finalists on the Beautiful Now website.

Read more about the man who recorded the winning sound and how he did it, on the Beautiful Now website.

Here are some other sounds you may enjoy:

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