Smartphone-controlled paper airplane ready to soar

Folding a paper airplane so it will fly takes skill and patience. A new smartphone-controlled paper airplane kit is close to hitting the market.

WASHINGTON – Folding and flying paper airplanes has always required creativity, a steady hand, and patience.

For a soon-to-be-released high-tech flying machine, a smartphone or tablet is also needed.

PowerUp Toys has launched a Kickstarter page, to mass produce the PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module, which includes a carbon fiber frame with a propeller, rudder and a wireless communication unit.

The plane will be controlled with an iOS app. The Kickstarter project aims to further development of an Android app, as well.

If the project is funded, the kit will include paper, directions on how to fold the airplane, and how to attach the module to the paper.

The company says Bluetooth Smart technology will provide up to 180 feet of range, and 10 minutes of flight on one charge.

Since what goes up must come down, the company says the kit includes a “crash- proof carbon fiber frame” and “crash-proof bumper” for the nose of the plane.

Who’s flying this plane?

Using the free smartphone app, the pilot can ascend or descend, by sliding the throttle lever.

Tilting the iPhone right or left adjusts the rudder, for maneuvering.

Watch the PowerUp 3.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane in flight:

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