Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell pranks McAuliffe

WASHINGTON — Political rivalry is one thing, but what about leaving behind a terrifying predator to greet a successor?

In keeping with tradition, former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell played a prank on incoming Gov. Terry McAuliffe, CBS 6 reports.

The Republican predecessor left a giant stuffed black bear in the office bathroom to welcome the newly elected Democratic governor. He also hid an alarm clock in a desk drawer, McAuliffe told CBS 6. It apparently woke up his wife.

“So I can’t wait to call him,” McAuliffe told CBS. “I got to tell him you didn’t beat me, but you got my wife up.”

In 2010, outgoing Gov. Tim Kaine stashed cell phones throughout the governor’s mansion and set them to ring at different times, McDonnell told WRVA.

Watch a video about the prank below:

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