‘Devil baby’ scaring the pants off of New Yorkers (Video)

WASHINGTON – New Yorkers have one more complication to deal with this week as they walk to work through hectic streets: a screaming, red-eyed devil baby, cruising the streets in an unattended stroller.

The child is robotic, and was built as a publicity stunt for the new “Devil’s Due” horror movie, but it still managed to terrify plenty of unsuspecting strangers who just wanted to see a cute baby.

New York-based Thinkmodo, which specializes in making viral videos, teamed up with the Los Angeles animatronic company to create the robotic baby and film the video of people’s reactions.

The victims of the stunt range from average pedestrians to street cleaners to even dogs. Based on Thinkmodo’s video, though, most people were either amused or left speechless, rather than angry.

The film is due out Friday, so the devil child has a few more days to scare people into going to the movie theater — or staying as far away as possible.

Watch video of the stunt below:

WTOP’s Jamie Slater contributed to this report. Follow @WTOP on Twitter.

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