Creepy or clever? Old Spice ad is a bit of both

WASHINGTON – It’s kind of clever, a little creepy and very memorable.

The latest commercial from Old Spice features a succession of mothers bemoaning their sons’ newfound success with women and blaming it on the fragrance – all set to a power ballad about trying to keep their little babies home.

The accompanying visuals put it over the top, with moms dropping out of airplanes, washing up on the beach and dragging themselves after cars while their sons carry on with various young women.

“Now he smells like a man, and they treat him like one,” one mother sniffs to conclude the song – after having slithered across a living-room floor and up onto the couch.

The commercial first aired during Sunday’s football games, and it’s also on Old Spice’s YouTube page, where comments range from “I love this video I can’t stop watching it” to “I get the message but this is so creepy.” (The plastic face is a little scary.)

Judge for yourself:

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