The formula for happiness: 48:40:12

Controlling your happiness

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 11:12 pm

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WASHINGTON – The pursuit of happiness, both as individuals and as a culture, is a never-ending quest that can all-too-often result in frustration and disappointment. But social scientists have nailed down the formula of bliss.

In his Sunday editorial in The New York Times, Arthur Brooks, president of The American Enterprise Institute, explains happiness stems from three sources: genetics, events and values.

While half of one’s happiness is genetic, Brooks explains 40 percent of happiness can be attributed to events in one’s life and 12 percent boils down to circumstances, well within one’s control.

“That should give you power,” Brooks tells WTOP.

“Everybody’s got these cheerful co-workers who are very annoying, and you think they must have some sort of secret potion.

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