Smart-bra prototype puts researchers ahead of the curve

An image of the smart-bra researchers have created. (Courtesy University of Rochester)

WASHINGTON — The cutthroat competitors in the tablet and smartphone war just may have to stop and stare.

The smart-bra has arrived.

Microsoft’s gaze has wondered to a wearable device that isn’t hi-tech glasses or a fancy watch.

Researchers at the University of Rochester have focused on a woman’s curves, specifically, because of their proximity to the heart. The smart-bra is equipped with sensors that trace a woman’s mood based on heart and skin activity, performing an EKG, or electrocardiogram.

The smart-bra is designed to detect stress and help women avoid emotional eating.

“In the case of emotional eating, our goal is to provide an intervention before the person turns to food for emotional support,” the according to a research paper.

That data ultimately goes to the user’s smartphone app with the intent of keeping her from emotional eating.

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