Marylanders have potty mouths, study says

WASHINGTON — Sometimes you just have to use a bad word.

When someone cuts you off while driving or when a customer service representative gives you the runaround are all great times to drop the F-bomb.

A new map created by Marchex Institute collected data from phone calls by consumers to businesses in 30 countries and came up with a list of states whose residents have potty mouths, The Atlantic Reports.

Sifting through more than 600,000 phone calls from the last 12 months, researchers used call mining technology to pinpoint curse words and cross-referenced them against their states of origin.

The result?

Ohio tops the list with one call out of 150 involving a swear word. Maryland came in third.

And the most courteous state? The award goes to Washington.

Click here to see the rest of the findings.

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