Forget picking your tree, you can have it delivered

Uber is among the companies offering to deliver Christmas trees.

WASHINGTON – Gone are the days of hiking through the snow or scanning chilly lots for a Christmas tree. Your perfect conifer is just a click away with the help of technology.

Uber is among the businesses joining the trend of tree delivery. The on-demand ride service is offering tree delivery for one day — Thursday — through its smartphone app in 10 cities including D.C.

“Instead of spending your weekend wrestling with a tree from the not-so-near farm or slushy street corner, kick back, pour yourself an extra glass of eggnog and watch your app as Uber takes care of the heavy lifting,” Uber writes on its website.

Users can order the “UberTree” between 11 a.m. through 8 p.m. through the Uber app. The trees — either Fraser Firs or Noble Firs — are furnished by the Home Depot. The Fraser Fir is the only option available in D.C.

“If your timing is right, you’ll have a tree, stand, and an Uber gift delivered to your front door within minutes,” the Uber website says, adding that availability is limited.

The tree delivery service costs $135.

Uber isn’t the only business offering tree delivery. Amazon Local has one deal starting at $55 for a 5-to 6-foot tree from Five Star Christmas Tree in Utah. Taller Fraser Firs go up to $75, and all come with free online tracking.

Orders must be placed by Nov. 22 for guaranteed delivery by the holiday season. So far, more than 12,000 people have purchased this deal.

Other online options include:

Would you buy a Christmas tree online or do you prefer the traditional way and pick out the tree yourself?

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