Dylan video nearly a half-century in the making

WASHINGTON – Nearly 50 years after its release, Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” has gotten a very modern treatment that’s well worth the wait.

It’s probably not a surprise that it’s not your typical video with a lip-synched singer and a miming band. The video screen resembles a TV, with actors and TV show hosts (including Drew Carey, of “The Price Is Right”; Steve Levy, of ESPN; the hosts of “Property Brothers” and “Pawn Stars” lip-synching the song on different channels. There’s also a children’s cartoon version; a History Channel-style rendition complete with artificial vintage footage; a newscast featuring simulated surveillance footage of a stabbing, and more.

Dylan himself makes an appearance as well, playing the song in concert in 1965 with The Band in London (the video’s a little shaky there, as the live video is synched to the studio recording).

You can flip through the channels with buttons on the screen or the up and down arrows on your keyboard. You can make it kaleidoscopic, watch the video all the way through on each channel, or anything in between, depending on your attention span.

Watch a preview of the video below:

You can see the full video on Dylan’s website.

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