Dozens of cars get flat tires on I-270

ROCKVILLE, Md. – It was irony on the interstate Friday morning as dozens of cars received flat tires after hitting a spare tire on the southbound lanes of Interstate 270.

Shortly before 5 a.m. Friday, a normal commute turned chaotic says David Wiseman of Hagerstown, Md.

“It was just a spare tire in the road and everybody hit it all on one line,” he says.

Wiseman says by the time he hit the tire, it was stuck in place so car after car kept hitting it. Wiseman says 15 cars got flat tires from hitting the tire.

The incident did not cause any accidents.

“Pretty much everyone was under control and everybody got over the best that they could,” Wiseman says.

Both of Wiseman’s right tires were completely destroyed after hitting the tire in the road. Wiseman said he, like many of the drivers that hit the spare tire, were forced call in a tow truck, which arrived three hours after the incident.

Wiseman says he was worried he boss would be upset.

“I had my three co-workers in the car and I had to have one of my foremen come and get them,” he says.

He says he felt bad for other commuters caught up in the delays caused by the event.

“It really hurt traffic, this is gonna hurt my pocket, too,” he says.

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