A free house in Arlington? Sort of …

The house at 3010 7th St. North, in the Lyon Park section of Arlington, Va. needs to be moved. (Courtesy of Google)

WASHINGTON – A free house? In Arlington? It sounds too good to be true. Well, it’s for real, but there’s a catch.

The house was built in 1926 from a Sears kit, one of more than 70,000 kit houses sold through the Sears catalog between 1908 and 1940 to suburbanites who wanted decent low-cost houses and were able to put in the work to build them, according to Preservation Arlington.

It’s at 3010 7th St. North, in the Lyon Park section. But here’s the catch — it can’t stay there.

The owners of the house and lot bought it in September, and they want to build a new house there. They don’t want to destroy the old one, though, so they’re offering it free to anyone who is willing to move it.

“The Sears bungalows are part of Arlington’s historic heritage and boast great proportions, hard-to-find craftsmanship, and attention to detail,” architect Paola Lugli, of Paolasquare, told Preservation Arlington. “… As architects, we prefer saving well-built historic homes.”

If you’re interested, contact Paolasquare. They can give you the names of companies with experience moving houses.

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