The future of mobile technology to focus on DC area

Mobile technology is changing the way people live and work. (Yagi Studio, Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – As quickly as the technology world has changed, the pace is expected to speed up as mobile applications and hardware become more prevalent.

Many of the tech world’s big players are coming to a summit next month in Tysons Corner.

MoDevEast, December 12-14 at the Gannett Conference Center in McLean, Va., will bring together more than 1,000 mobile developers, designers, marketers and managers.

Compared with technology and software centered around desktop computers, mobile technology aims to allow the same, and more functionality, on digital mobile devices.

In the past decades, mobile technology has gone from a simple two-way pager to mobile phones, GPS navigation units and embedded web browsers.

“We’re very used to the idea of apps residing on our phones, but now apps are starting to reside in other places, in our homes and in our cars,” says Pete Erickson, founder of MoDev, which connects thinkers, builders and marketers exploring mobile technology.

With companies building mobile web sites and applications that facilitate everything from mobile banking to real-time monitoring of medical symptoms, Erickson says “there’s a revolution of applications on the way.”

“Mobile impacts every aspect of our lives — the way we communicate with our families, the way we work and the way we interact with services on a daily basis,” says Erickson.

As an example, Erickson points to the simplicity of snapping and sharing pictures on smartphones, a task that just years ago required carrying a separate camera and downloading to a computer.

One topic that will be discussed at MoDevEast will be future uses for the still- in-development Google Glass Internet-connected eyewear.

“In addition to Glass, there’s also wearable clothing that has sensors built into it that can link up to applications,” says Erickson.

Mobile technology now lets smartphone users control the temperature in their homes by interacting with thermostats. Packages can be tracked during the shipping process. Shopping with a smartphone can now be done by pointing it at an item and instantly purchasing it.

This will be the first holiday season several smartwatches will be available.

“Mobile is fascinating because it’s really changing the way society works,” Erickson says.

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