Boy gets to trick-or-treat with Nats’ Racing President

On Thursday, a local boy got a very special Halloween.

WASHINGTON – On Thursday, a local boy got a very special Halloween.

Ten-year old Jakob Lang, who’s a big Nats fan, won a contest the baseball team held.

“The prize is that Teddy, the racing president, shows up and trick-or-treats with him,” says Andrew Lang, Jakob’s father.

The contest took place online via Instagram. Andrew Lang says his son dressed as Bryce Harper for the costume contest and who won Teddy’s #PicOrTreat Halloween Costume Contest.

Noah Frank, new media manager with the Nationals, says it’s the first year for the contest.

“We ran a contest on Instagram. Invited our fans to submit photos, shots of kids trick-or-treating, shots of kids dressed up.”

From there the Nats organization picked the top five and had fans vote.

“And our winner got Teddy to come out and trick-or-treat with them,” says Frank.

Jakob Lang and his twin sister Lexi greeted Teddy after the very tall mascot got out of a well-marked Nats truck. The two were over-the-top excited and ready to start collecting candy with their new friend.

Tom Davis, Nationals entertainment manager, says that Teddy dressed up a little for Halloween.

“He came as his own version of Malibu Ken, so he’s got a Hawaiian shirt, he’s got some colored sunglasses and he’s just ready to have a good time.”

Lisa Lang, Jakob’s mother, says, “(Jakob) is so excited to go trick-or-treating with Teddy. Every time we’re at the game he wants to see Teddy.”

After this memorable Halloween, Lisa Lang says Jakob will go back to school on Friday as the most popular boy.

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