Bill would allow removal from national cemeteries for capital crimes

WASHINGTON – A push on Capitol Hill aims to make sure murderers can be removed if buried at a national cemetery.

Federal law already says those who’ve committed capital crimes can’t be buried in national cemeteries. But if they were anyway, the law doesn’t currently allow for removal.

The call for change comes after Michael Anderson, an Afghanistan war veteran, committed suicide after a mass shooting in Indiana. He killed Alicia Koehl, a mother and wife, according to WISH TV in Indiana.

But Anderson was still able to be buried at a national cemetery in Michigan with full honors, WISH TV reports.

“The family either did not give all the information or they just lied,” Paul Koehl, Alicia’s widower, tells WISH TV.

Indiana senators Dan Coats, a Republican and Joe Donnolley, a Democrat, are sponsoring the bill, which is named after Alicia Koehl.

The bill was presented on Capitol Hill last week and would allow removal at national cemeteries, such as Arlington, if it’s later discovered the person committed a state or federal capital crime.

WTOP’s Mike Murillo contributed to this report.

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