Which U.S. cities are most hurt by shutdown?

It’s no surprise that Forbes magazine puts Washington at the top of its “10 Cities Most At Risk To a Government Shutdown” list, but the hardest hit cities span across the country, based on the percentage of the local workforce employed by the federal government.

Washington tops the list with a total share of local wages coming from federal government employment at 19 percent.

Forbes’ list and percentage of local wages from federal government work:

  1. Washington, DC, 19 percent
  2. Bethesda, Md., 13 percent
  3. Virginia Beach, Va., 12 percent
  4. Honolulu, Hi., 11 percent
  5. Dayton, Ohio, 10 percent
  6. El Paso, Texas, 9 percent
  7. Colorado Springs, Colo., 8 percent
  8. Oklahoma City, Okla., 8 percent
  9. Albuquerque, N.M., 7 percent
  10. Bakersfield, Calif., 7 percent

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