Washington Capitals player stuck in bathroom takes to Twitter

WASHINGTON – Most people seek privacy in the restroom, but one Washington Capitals star wanted anything but alone time when he got locked in a bathroom stall before a game and turned to Twitter for help.

Capitals forward Joel Ward was trapped inside a hotel bathroom stall Saturday morning hours before the team squared off against the Stars in Dallas. The drama unfolded on Twitter after Ward posted a photo peeping over the locked door.

“I’m in panic mode because I realized the door wasn’t going to open on me. I texted Karl [Alzner] to see if he was still around,” Ward told The Washington Post.

Alzner and several other players came to Ward’s rescue, unable to get him out. They did manage to document the events on Twitter.

The door was too low for Ward to crawl out underneath, so a ladder helped the 6-foot-1-inch player in his escape.

Ward was trapped in the bathroom stall for just shy of 45 minutes, he said on Twitter.

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(h/t Mashable)

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