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Underwear line claims to filter flatulent fumes

A line of underwear claims to trap and neutralize odors from flatulence (Shreddies Ltd)

WASHINGTON – Imagine a world without the phrase “Who cut the cheese?”

Breaking (wind) news for those with gas problems — a line of underwear claims to use chemical warfare technology to filter fumes from flatulence.

The underwear, called Shreddies, is made by a British company. According to the company, the garment features a “Zorflex”-activated carbon back panel, which absorbs and neutralizes odors.

The stink-preventing intimates come in briefs and high-waisted briefs for women, and in boxer-briefs and boxers for men.

According to The Huffington Post, a company spokesperson says Shreddies can handle “200 times the average flatulence emission.”

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