Secrets of content commuters

A modified sign above the Southeast Freeway. (WTOP/Mary DePompa)

WASHINGTON – Regardless of how long it takes, some commuters enjoy their trips to work.

The predictability of the longer drive is often made more appealing for these content commuters with satellite radio or mobile devices, according to The Wall Street Journal.

And even though the D.C. region boasts some of the longest commute times, not everyone is upset about it.

Listen to how some D.C. area commuters make the most out of their drive.

How do YOU enjoy your commute?


WTOP listeners share how they minimize frustration during long commutes.

Be sure to listen to WTOP during your drive for the latest news, traffic and weather.

WTOP’s Kristi King contributed to this report. Follow @kingWTOP and @WTOP on Twitter.

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