Pinterest Boards come to Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing is at it again, announcing another social media integration to its image search.

In a company blog post, Bing announced that it has integrated Pinterest data into its image search. In addition to using cutting-edge computer vision, powerful filtering tools and big computational horsepower, Bing realized that people could also effectively curate pictures.

“We’ve noticed that the most interesting pictures on the web are being collected by people, not computers,” the post said. “On sites like Pinterest, passionate curators can build up a collection of ideas that shows off their unique style.”

Bing decided to take the best of both worlds – their search algorithms and Pinterest’s growing image database – and combined them into “ the powerful algorithms with the taste and judgment of real people.”

This is actually the second time the search engine giant has introduced a Pinterest functionality to its image search. Back in April, Bing introduced a Pin to Pinterest feature, allowing users to pin and save results directly from Bing’s image search.

With Bing’s latest update, Pinterest is going to play an even bigger role in company SEO and marketing strategies.

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