Morning Poll: Challenges and Concerns For Bethesda


Next month, county planners will begin an outreach program to find out what Bethesda residents want in a new master plan for the downtown area.

The Bethesda Central Business District Sector Plan rewrite will likely take a few years, but it will set zoning guidelines and outline what the county wants Bethesda to become over the next 20 or 25 years.

At last week’s Woodmont Triangle Action Group meeting, residents, county officials and business representatives brainstormed challenges, threats and opportunities for the downtown Bethesda area.

Many, such as parks and civic space and nightlife activity, fit into two or more of the categories.

So as the master plan process ramps up, what are some of the challenges and concerns you see in downtown Bethesda?

Do you miss the ice skating rink at the Bethesda Metro Plaza? Is apartment construction affecting your home or business? Do you think there should be more recreational facilities? Does traffic or parking keep you away from downtown businesses?

Vote for as many topics as you feel are important in the poll below and, as always, feel free to elaborate in the comments section.

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