Md. high school: No twerking, grinding at homecoming dance

This dance move by Miley Cyrus likely would get her booted from the Annapolis High homecoming dance. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

WASHINGTON – Sorry, kids — no twerking.

That’s the rule at this weekend’s Annapolis High School homecoming dance. The Annapolis Patch reports the school is requiring students who plan to attend the dance to sign a “Student Dance Contract” that bars sexually explicit dancing.

Parents whose kids are going to the dance also are required to sign the contract.

Dance-floor activity that would fall into the contract’s sexually explicit category include:

  • Grinding
  • Buttocks touching a partner or in the air
  • Intimate touching
  • Making out

According to Patch, an email sent to parents notifies them of the parental signature requirement and says it’s intention in part is “to help to eliminate inappropriate dancing.”

Students also must adhere to a dress code that prohibits the exposure of “excessive amounts of skin.”

Those who break the rules “will be removed from the dance,” the contract states, and parents will be called to come pick them up.

See the contract below:

Annapolis High School Dance Contract

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