How to beat the Sunday-night blues

WASHINGTON — If feelings of anxiety and depression hit you on Sundays, you may be suffering from the Sunday Night Blues.

For many, Sunday neurosis, or its more common name – the Sunday Night Blues – comes with the knowledge that your work week begins Monday morning.

In an global poll conducted by, 59 percent of Americans say they feel that sense of dread set in on Sundays, and 47 percent of all respondents say their Sunday-afternoon anxiety is really heightened.

Career counselors at Monster say that easing the stress of a Monday morning begins on Friday afternoon. Before you run out the door at 5 p.m., prepare yourself for Monday morning by:

  • Finishing projects that you had started
  • Adjusting your calendar
  • Returning phone calls
  • Gathering the materials you need to start the week

Joyce Marter at PsychCentral suggests that exercise and Sunday rituals may help. Exercise, she says, is nature’s antidepressant and will help you sleep. And rituals can be spent with family and friends and it sets a positive tone for the start of your work week.

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