Art appreciation at the Metro station: Limited edition SmarTrip cards

Metro\'s Van Gogh Commemorative SmarTrip Cards are in honor of an exhibit, currently at The Phillips Collection. (Courtesy Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority)

WASHINGTON – Metro’s SmarTrip cards are getting a facelift, all in honor of a renowned Van Gogh exhibit that is currently on display at The Phillips Collection.

The Van Gogh Commemorative SmarTrip Cards feature four different Van Gogh prints, including The Bedroom at Arles, The Road Menders, Madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle and The Postman Joseph Roulin.

“Partnering with Metro to produce these special fare cards seemed like the perfect way celebrate the exhibition’s success — by putting a little bit of Van Gogh’s magic into the hands of those who live, work and play in the District,” Sarah Schaffer, director of marketing and communications for The Phillips Collection, said in a news release.

The limited edition plastic cards cost $10 and come with $8 of pre-loaded Metro fare. Those who purchase the SmarTrip cards can present them at The Phillips Collection for $3 off admission and 20 percent off purchases at the museum gift shop.

The Van Gogh Repetitions exhibit is on display at The Phillips Collection through January 2014. To see photos of the Van Gogh SmarTrip cards, visit Metro’s website.

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