‘Twerk fail’ viral video staged by Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

WASHINGTON – Mystery solved – that viral video of a young woman whose yoga pants caught on fire while trying to twerk was a stunt staged by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

On his show Monday, Kimmel announced the video was made two months ago, starring a professional stunt woman named Daphne Avalon, who was identified in the video as “Caitlin Heller.”

Kimmel says after making the video, he didn’t share it on any TV stations or tweet it.

“We just put it on YouTube and let the magic happen,” says Kimmel.

As of Tuesday morning, the video had more than 9 million views on YouTube.

In an interview during Kimmel’s show, Avalon acknowledged she’d been sworn to secrecy, and didn’t reveal she was part of the hoax despite friends and family seeing the video.

Watch the video of the woman catching fire, and Kimmel revealing the twerking video was a stunt:

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