Petworth named one of the best neighborhoods in the country for old houses

WASHINGTON – Petworth is getting a lot of love these days.

In June, The Washington Business Journal named the Northwest neighborhood D.C.’s hottest housing region, citing its year-over-year gain in selling prices.

More recently, This Old House, a home improvement magazine and television show, named Petworth one of the “best old house” neighborhoods in the country because of its promising future and collection of beautiful homes.

Of the 61 neighborhoods that made This Old House’s list, Petworth landed in the top 10, along with:

  • Asbury Park, N.J.
  • Ohio City in Cleveland, Ohio
  • St. Johns in Portland, Ore.
  • Southside Park in Sacramento, Calif.
  • Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta
  • Bronzeville in Chicago
  • Marshall, Mich.
  • Glenbrook Valley, Houston
  • Danville, Va.

    Alexandra Bandon, online editor at This Old House, says the publication compiles the list of best old house neighborhoods every year to help people learn more about where the nation’s housing stock is “really beautiful.”

    “We’re looking for neighborhoods that are kind of overlooked … or that are just stunningly beautiful or that are up-and-coming,” Bandon says.

    “We try to think about the history of the area and the quality of the houses, but also keep in mind what’s affordable.”

    Bandon says Petworth’s accessibility, history and affordability is exactly what attracted This Old House to the neighborhood.

    “As people come back to cities, cities themselves are becoming more expensive