Larger smartphones reaching tipping point

Smartphone screens are getting larger, like this Samsung Galaxy III. (Courtesy of Samsung)

WASHINGTON – Size matters when it comes to choosing the dimensions of a smartphone.

But when is bigger too big?

Demand for larger smartphone screens continues to grow, according to analysis by CNET.

While larger cellphones have been geared in part toward the growing, older smartphone audience that has difficulty seeing and manipulating content on smaller screens, CNET reports a wider swatch of society is buying the phablets.

When Apple introduced the iPhone, its 3.5-inch screen was the largest anyone had seen.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy Mega measures 6.3 inches.

Apple has been suggesting its screens would become larger, although as with all things Apple, those specifics are tightly guarded.

The larger screen allows easier surfing of websites and typing.

However, holding the device in one hand and carrying it in a pocket becomes more difficult.

At the same time, some tablet computers are becoming smaller.

While 7-inch tablets are becoming more popular, industry analysts say its unlikely a consumer would want to purchase both a phone and tablet, if their sizes and features are similar.

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