Finding a sober ride with the click of a button

Here are some tips to get you back to work in a coherent state. (ThinkStock)

Tristiana Hinton, special to

WASHINGTON – If you are worried about your college student finding a safe ride home after a night of partying, there could soon be an app to quell parental fears.

The app is called PASS — the Person Appointed to Stay Sober. It uses Facebook events to connect people who are attending and from there, students can find someone to be their sober driver before they even head out for the night.

A student can also offer to be the sober driver through the app. In return for a safe ride, passengers pay back the driver in gas money. Users can also create a party crowd and take turns acting as the PASS.

The app was created by the Texas Department of Transportation and will be tested this year at three universities across the state. The app can keep track of who owes rides and money.

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