Wheel thieves targeting Honda Civics and Fits in Arlington

WASHINGTON — Honda owners in the Arlington area have increasingly become the target of tire thieves in the past eight months, with more than 24 cases reported.

Since Jan. 1, Arlington County police have received reports of 43 thefts of tires and rims, with more than half of those being from Honda Fit and Honda Civics.

Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck says during the last two nights thieves stole the tires off a Honda Civic in the 5300 block of N. 5th Street and a Honda Fit in the 200 block of N. Jackson Street.

Police told Arlington Now that other types of vehicles have been hit up in the area but that thieves are drawn to the Honda Civic and especially the Honda Fit because of the 15-inch wheels.

The Arlington County Police Department has joined a regional task force to combat the growing problem for car owners in the county.

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