Virginia 9th in the nation for car-ownership costs

Virginia commuters put a lot of miles on their vehicles, spending more on gas and maintenance than most as a result.

Bankrate.com ranks Virginia No. 9 on its list of most expensive states for drivers. It bases its list on how much drivers spend on gas, insurance, repairs, taxes and fees.

Georgia drivers spend the most, an average of $4,233 per year. That’s double the cheapest state to own a car —Oregon, at $2,204.

In Virginia, total car ownership costs are $3,622. Virginia has the fifth-highest automobile taxes and fees, at an average of $1,568 per year.

Maryland ranks No. 29 on the list, with average annual car-ownership costs of $3,158.

You can see Bankrate.com’s full list of car-ownership costs by state here.

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