‘Stop phubbing’ goes viral — why? Because we’ve all been ‘phubbed’

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WASHINGTON — You’re out with a friend enjoying a conversation when, suddenly, their phone beeps.

The friend may apologize and pick up the device, or steal a quick glance, or pretend not to notice while tuning you out — thinking instead of their phone and what’s on it.

What happened is real: They snubbed you for their phone. They phubbed you.

And now, there’s a campaign to stop it.

The “Stop Phubbing” campaign, started by 23-year-old Australian grad student Alex Haigh, has gone viral, reports Time magazine.

News outlets worldwide have covered the campaign, which Time says is likely because people worldwide have experienced “phubbing.” It’s become so popular that the campaign’s website overloaded last week and shut down for a period.

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