See What Zoning Rewrite Could Mean For Your Community

Downtown Bethesda existing zoning Downtown Bethesda zoning under the proposed zoning rewrite

Discussions over the Montgomery County Planning Board’s zoning code rewrite will continue next month at the County Council’s Planning Committee, but one councilmember wants the process slowed down.

“I am not convinced that this schedule provides enough time for a thorough review of a 400-page document that will fundamentally change the way we plan and zone in Montgomery County,” wrote Councilmember Marc Elrich in his August e-blast. “And I am not convinced that our residents are aware of the recommended changes and potential impacts on existing residential neighborhoods.”

Elrich said the rewrite, which aims to modernize the existing zoning code by reducing the number of zones, too easily “dictates change,” instead of allowing for the conventional master plan process to allow for changes that lead to more development.

Meanwhile, the Planning Department has put together a mapping tool that allows users to see how zoning would change in particular areas under the rewrite.

As you can see from the images above, the rewrite would essentially fold a number of different CBD (or Central Business District) zones in downtown Bethesda into CR zones (commercial-residential).

The residential zoning around downtown Bethesda would remain virtually the same.

The mapping tool also

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