Report: Drivers and thieves both like Hondas

WASHINGTON – A car can say a lot about you — and just how much thieves might be eyeing your wheels.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released a list of the 10 most stolen vehicles in 2012.

And one thing is clear: Thieves like rolling in a Honda.

“Honda Accords and Honda Civics made in the 1990 to 2000 range were by far the most stolen vehicles in the country,” says Roger Morris, a spokesman for the bureau. “Nothing else comes close to them.”

He says prior to 1997, many of these cars lacked key codes and anti-theft technology. These cars are also popular among street racers.

“They’re very popular cars, they’re still on the road and they are very much valued for their parts and their engines,” Morris says.

The components are often worth more than the cars themselves, making those mid-90s vehicles a popular target.

The surprise, perhaps, was that Ford pickups were the third most-stolen vehicles.

To see the list of the top stolen vehicles in 2012 nationwide, click on the photo gallery above.

The group also analyzed vehicles from model year 2012 that were stolen. Here are the most frequently stolen cars by make and model and the number of vehicles stolen nationally.

1. Nissan Altima 921
2. Chevrolet Impala 778
3. Chevrolet Malibu 727
4. Toyota Camry 665
5. Ford Fusion 655
6. Ford Pickup (Full Size) 595
7. Ford Focus 523
8. Chrysler 200 449
9. Dodge Charger 416
10. Dodge Avenger 412

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