Man Almost Rips Off $7,000 From Chevy Chase Village Resident

Chevy Chase Village Hall and police headquarters (file photo)A man who identified himself as a home repair contractor nearly got away with $7,000 while trying to scam a Chevy Chase Village resident on Tuesday.

According to the Village, the resident answered a knock on her door and was greeted by a man in his 60s or 70s who pointed out a minor problem with the roof of the house.

Two younger men were with the man, who was reportedly driving a white truck. The contractor said he could fix the problem on the roof of the resident’s house for $45.

After he went on the roof, he told her he discovered major problems that had to be fixed immediately. The resident handed the man a check for $6,900.

But after about 30 minutes of work, the man left.

The resident called the Village Police, who told her to immediately stop payment on the check. Officers responded to her home and to her bank and the payment was stopped.

The investigation into the alleged home repair scammer continues, according to the Village.

The town on Friday reminded residents not to allow any door-to-door solicitor to perform work on their home or in their yard, saying many are breaking the law:

Many of such workers are unskilled, unlicensed, uninsured, and have been in legal trouble in the past.  Additionally, residents should call the Village police immediately whenever a solicitor knocks on their door.  Officers will respond and will determine if the solicitor is properly licensed with the County and the Village.

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