App enables 1-touch purchase from catalogs, circulars


The Pounce app lets users quickly buy what they like in catalogues and circulars without having to go online. (Courtesy of Pounce)

WASHINGTON – See. Love. Scan. Buy.

A new iPhone app lets users quickly purchase what they see in printed catalogs, circulars, magazines or newspapers, without going online.

The application, Pounce lets a person point their iPhone camera at an item that catches their fancy on the printed page, and buy the product without having to log onto the company’s website to complete the purchase.

“All you have to do is hold the phone camera in front of a product image, the application will recognize that product image, and will allow you to purchase it within one or two taps,” says Avital Yachin, founder and CEO of the Tel Aviv-based company.

After downloading the free app, a would-be shopper enters payment information during an initial purchase, which is securely retained for future purchases, the company says.

“No need to go to the merchant’s website, no need to fill-in long details over and over again,” says Yachin. “Very, very easy when you just want to buy it now.”

Currently, Pounce is compatible with circulars from retailers Target, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Staples, and Ace Hardware.

“Pounce’s intuitive technology turns print media into a real-time shopping experience, which is ideal for retail stores looking to enhance mobile sales and track the results of a print ad campaign,” says Lester Holze, of ShopLocal, which helps retailers and brands connect with shoppers.

Here’s how Pounce works:

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