Who puts in more time at the office, men or women?

WASHINGTON – Men work longer hours than women but not by much.

Men worked 55 minutes more than women did on a normal work day in 2012, according to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, those numbers don’t take into account that many women work part-time.

For part-timers, women actually worked slightly longer hours, according to the statistics.

Just looking at a comparison of full-time workers, men put in a bit more time at the office, working 8.5 hours compared to a woman’s day of 7.9 hours.

Of course the type of job also can dictate the hours spent at work.

The New York Times reports workers in installation, maintenance and repair work the longest hours, followed by the fields of transportation and material moving, production, construction, and office and administrative support, according to data from 2012. People who work in farming and fishing work the least amount of hours, 6.92 on average.

Also, the data shows that high school graduates with no college experience work the longest days. People with bachelor’s degrees work the shortest days.

And 23 percent of workers did some or all of their work from home. Those working multiple jobs and self-employed workers were all more likely to work at home, according to the report.

On an average day, women were more likely to spend time on housework compared to men. Additionally, women spent more time completing chores, 2.6 hours compared to just 2 hours for men, according to the data.

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