Pregnant, aggressive cow captured in Fairfax County

WASHINGTON – A pregnant cow found wandering through Fairfax County has been captured and returned to a local farm.

The Scottish Highland cow went missing July 11, officials say. She had been spotted in the Centreville area over the weekend, but she was aggressive and attempts to corral her were unsuccessful.

Officials tracked down the orange and brown horned cow Saturday around noon near Union Mill Road, Fairfax police say. She charged the officers and then ran away through neighborhood yards.

Animal control officers eventually tranquilized her around 9 p.m. Saturday.

A veterinarian sent in to help capture the cow sustained non-life threatening injuries during the ordeal, authorities say.

An investigation is ongoing. Charges against the cow’s owner are pending.

The cow was not injured.

Below is video of the cow avoiding capture on Union Mill (Courtesy Adam Russell):

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