Morning Notes

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Fairfax Now Leads Montgomery In High School Graduation Rate — Montgomery’s across-the-Potomac rival surpassed it in terms of high school graduation rates among the 50 largest school jurisdictions in the country. Fairfax has a graduation rate of 85 percent, good for No. 1 on the list, according to a report from Education Week. Montgomery County and Baltimore County are tied for second on the list with a rate of 84 percent. Montgomery has topped the list the last four years. [The Gazette]

Metro Tests Out New Fare Gates — For now, the new fare gates are confined to the basement of the transit agency’s headquarters. On Wednesday, members of a riders advisory group tested out the gates, which are prototypes from vendors vying for the contract. The gates will be able to take payment from a smartphone, key fob or credit card. Metro is expected to pick a vendor in July. [Washington Post]

County Advertising Its Version Of The Peace Corps — Montgomery Corps, a group of five volunteer positions based on the model of the Peace Corps, is seeking people to help host and coordinate outreach, volunteer events and services from each of the county’s Regional Service Centers. Members will get a $1,000 stipend per month. Nonprofit A Wider Circle will administer the program. [Idealist]

Flickr photo by ehpien

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