How to keep your home safe while on vacation

WASHINGTON – Nearly a million people are heading out of town for Independence Day and they shouldn’t let burglars know they’re away.

For example, if vacation pictures are posted to social media right away, it could provide a tip for a burglar.

If a vacation lasts long enough for the lawn to grow taller than usual, travelers might also want to look into having their grass cut while they are away.

Other safety tips from State Farm include:

  • Put the lights on timers
  • Stop newspaper deliveries
  • Ask someone to pick up the mail
  • Invest in motion sensors outside the home as a deterrent

Travelers should unplug appliances and turn off the main water valve. Water damage from burst pipes isn’t covered by all insurance policies.

If travelers know they will be gone for more than a week, they should tell the local police station. Cops don’t mind swinging by periodically to check on the place.

WTOP’s Kristi King contributed to this report. Follow @KingWTOP and @WTOP on Twitter.

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