Beach Hotspot Marketing Mustard To Bethesda

Photo via SeacretsAn Ocean City “vacation entertainment complex” and favorite of area beachgoers is bottling a little taste of its menu for grocery store shelves in Bethesda.

Seacrets, the bar, restaurant, nightclub and raft party destination, is now selling its Honey Mustard sauce at Bethesda’s Giant Food stores at Georgetown Square Shopping Center, on Arlington Road and in Westbard’s Westwood Shopping Center.

The company says the gluten-free sauce has been a staple on its jerk chicken, salads and french fries for 25 years. Seacrets attracts 800,000 people annually and has turned into a multi-million dollar megabar. It reportedly raked in between $15 million and $25 million in 2011, making it one of the highest grossing nightclub venues in the country.

Owner and CEO Leighton Moore said he created the mustard himself and thought about marketing it large-scale when people started walking off with it.

“I knew we needed to get it on grocery store shelves so our Ocean City customers could enjoy its unique taste right at home no matter the time of year,” Moore said in a press release.

Photo via Seacrets

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